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"Are You looking to improve your relationships with yourself and others within the home?"

All coaching is researched based and calls  on theoretical and empirical evidence  informed by surveys and  studies.

Create the Life you Want.

Do You work hard at fitting-in at work and you want to BELONG at home? Do you want to be yourself, relax and live where you belong. The FUNCTIONAL FAMILIES Project is just right for you. Your journey through this program will help you Trust yourself and embrace how you are with others. It is time to Change Your Thinking "You can't Solve a Problem with the Same Thinking as you Created it."
- Albert Einstein

Whether you are single or you have a partner this is for you.

As busy people you want the best for those in your life, and

Being Fully Functional will help you be the best version of yourself. 


Works through the 3 steps of 



   TRUST- with self and others

  COMPASSION- for self and others.

TRUE BELONGING- with yourself and others 

VALUES- Living our values consistently with integrity. 


   Imagine what it will be like living Wholeheartedly?

  How much  calmer will your day at work be?

  How much better will your home life be?

  How much more connected will you feel ?

Complete Validation

No matter what your problems you will feel completely acknowledged and validated. 


The solution is within you . 

 Uncover your strengths  in order that you live the empowered life you want. 

In a completely confidential and judgement free space you will be able to fully feel again. 

You both will feel completely connected again. Connect to self and  connected with each other! 


All coaching is done on zoom links .

My clients have enjoyed transformation moments working on zoom from the comfort of their own home.

No travel

No Babysitting

No parking

While still in your comfy clothes 





Do you know that you matter?
It is not until you learn that you matter in this life that you will be able to make sure others know they matter.
You matter so much that:-
You can fulfill your own needs.
You can express all of your emotions.
You can express your boundaries.
And then it is about Living this in your life with to your partner and children.


Your children and relationships are a mirror of you.
Therefore it is of vital importance that you LIVE functional behaviours.
When things are going well it is easy to be present for each other – it is when things are tough that we need to think about and implement  new strategies which will create a life of joy and  daily celebration.
How do you repair after Stressful Times?
How do you and your partner  support each other through these emotional times?
How do you communicate with each other?

How do you lead and mentor your children when they are feeling stressed and upset? 
A true leader must practice what they preach .
Live and practise TRUST, COMPASSION, BELONGING AND your own individual VALUES.

Bec came to me because she wanted change in her relationship. 


“We came to Jan at a bit of a crossroads in our relationship. We were both working hard and juggling family commitments which had left no time for us and as the disconnect grew between us we were struggling to find our way back to each other.
Jan helped us remember why we chose each other in the first place, consider how our own upbringings and experiences with relationship role models was playing out in our own relationship.
Jan facilitated deep, honest and very real conversations in a supportive and safe way which helped us to be vulnerable, present and hear each other in a way that we hadn’t for some time.
Working with Jan has been a real gift to each of us but more than that, it has helped to reconnect and strengthen our relationship. I absolutely recommend Jan and her program!”
– Rebecca


12 Sessions over 3 months

To experience the truest version of you and start the road to the emotionally Intimate relationship of your dreams and if relevant have happy connected children.

One individual session each and one session together every month. 

And as an added bonus are two meta profiles each and a values elicitation for each of you.

Valued at $15,097 including two bonuses Meta Dynamics Thinking Profile and Values’ Elicitation .

And because you both are taking action right now. I will gift you with a Your Ultimate Self Program valued at $997

Meta Dynamics TM Thinking Profile

Values' Elicitation

Meta Dynamics Profiling Tool and unpack The Meta Dynamics TM Profiling Tool is a 16-dimension questionnaire that assesses an individual’s preferences particularly in the everyday context. Each dimension refers to a specific part of thinking styles such as influencing, resiliency, outcome focused .

We unpack the profiles together and discover why there are times of conflict and harmony. 

And create a plan going forward.

To live the life we truly want we need to live by our values.

Our goals and the plan for our life must be congruent with our values in order for us to feel a sense of true purpose and meaning.

You each discover your own values in individual sessions and then jointly we unpack conflicting and similar harmonious values and create goals and a vision and mission for your life. 

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I look forward to helping you find true empowerment.