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For a long time, I had difficulty recognizing that I had any issues despite life not being exactly right for me. It took a significant big personal issue for me to finally admit to myself life was difficult. I wanted to do something about it. I had gotten to the point where I wanted to address those issues. I was too hard on myself, there were issues around confidence, and the value I put on myself. I chose coaching because it struck me as a direct way to achieve change, and I didn’t want to just talk, but wanted to actually do things and make changes in my life. I chose you because when I went looking online one of the things that appealed to me was that you have a few miles on the clock. You have made some mistakes in your life. I wanted someone with some life experience which was actually quite important, to me. Through the 3 months of coaching, I’ve gotten to know myself and respect and love myself a lot more. I have learned that I should be the person who does what he says he will do. This hasn’t been an easy lesson and has taken longer than I’d hoped, but I’m getting there, and I feel very much like I’m on the way to somewhere, you know, whatever, whatever I am, I’m on the way to that. And I’m not at this point in time entirely sure what that is, but it’s where I want to go. And I’m sure that I don’t want to go back to where I was. So I’ve been making progress, and I’m headed in the direction that I want to go. Terry Qld

Thank you Jan Hutton for mirroring me. I am so grateful for the way you created a safe space for me to be heard and to explore and express my feelings. Your love and patience has allowed my healing process to begin. Lynette Bennett Tas

Hi Jan What a lovely chilled meeting. You’re a great host. Thanks for the insights and conversation. I really enjoyed meeting the diverse group of people. I’m continually amazed at how many people struggle in relationships. It’s mind blowing… have an awesome day. Look forward to catching up again. Connie Melbourne

Wow, what a really deep and meaningful business values elicitation session I had with you today Jan. I was impacted with your skill in listening to all my sharing and then from there extracting all the values embedded in my sharing and stories. I also appreciated your interest in exploring how important each of these values were to me and your skill in helping me to fully own and embody my values. I love my new value statements and they bring so much joy and excitement within me when I connect with them. I walked away from the session feeling that I matter and the realisation of knowing just how important my values actually are to me and ways of how I can embody them even more. This has left me feeling deeply connected with myself and my vision for my business. I loved working with you and look forward to our next session I highly recommend anyone who wants to connect to the love and joy of who they are and who wishes to create real change for themselves while feeling deeply empowered, to be connecting and working with you Jan. You Rock! Tania Serfontein QLD

Jan! I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to you, not just for your amazing coaching sessions, but for introducing me to the profiling tool. I’ve always been intrigued by profiling tools, so I’ve done quite a few in my time from working in corporate and seeking this information myself. I’ve done the infamous Myers Briggs profile, Birkman profile and while they are all insightful, nothing has compared to the level of detail I received in the Meta Profiling tool. It’s been able to clearly articulate where my strongest abilities are, what comes natural to me, how my brain likes to work and where my biggest gaps are. It’s allowed me to get to know myself in a very deep, insightful and confronting way. For me growth is one of my highest values, so this information has been the catalyst to helping me move forward in a more aligned way. I’m now starting to honour myself and play to my strengths. I’m designing my business in a new way that I have never done before, which is to design it around who I AM and how I like to play which feels SO RIGHT and 100% aligned. Highly recommend to anyone who is seeking to understand themselves on a more intimate level. Thanks Jan for your wonderful coaching & going on this journey with me. You’ve helped me tap into my emotions, release my inner child and step into my light only after a few sessions with you! It’s exciting knowing that this is just the beginning… Kirsty Mason QLD