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All coaching is researched based and calls  on theoretical and empirical evidence  informed by surveys and  studies.

"Be the Adult You want Your Child to Become" Brene Brown

Through the WHOLEHEARTED FAMILY program you will learn strategies that can help you,  help your child be happier and more settled. Increase resilience, optimism, playfulness, emotional expression and a sense of pride in their uniqueness.

It starts with  MATTERING. It is important that you know that you matter. That your partner and the kids know they matter. It is about nurturing deep trust filled connection.  First with yourself and then with others, so that you can be completely present with your children. One of a child’s needs is unconditional love. So no matter how out of control they are they need to know that you love them . 

Then it is about MODELLING behaviour. Your children notice everything. “Your Actions Speak so Loud I cannot hear a word you are saying” Ralph Waldo Emerson.   If you and your partner are struggling to connect and support each other the children will pick up on it.  One of a child’s greatest needs is to know the BIG people are O.K. Do the work to ensure that you are modeling what you want them to emulate. 

Then there is MENTORING. Young children need to learn that when they make a mistake they can repair. Older children need you to be present with them. They need to be able to talk about how they are feeling about all aspects of life and they need you to validate them. 

Remember at all times you are the parent. You are the one who is nurturing them not the other way around. 

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Complete Validation

No matter what your problems you will feel completely acknowledged and validated. You will develop a deep knowing that you matter. 

The solution is within you . 

 Uncover  your strengths  in order that you live the empowered life you want. 

In a completely confidential and judgement free space you will be able to fully feel and communicate again. 

You   will build relationships where you all feel completely connected . Connected to yourself and  connected with each other! 

Online or Face-Face

Most coaching is done on zoom links however if you prefer we can work face to face in my room.

My clients have enjoyed transformational moments in either situation. 

A Child's Misbehaviour is a Sign of a Need Not yet Met.




Do you know that you matter?

It is not until you know that you matter in this life that you will be able to make sure others know they matter. 

You matter so much that:-

You can fulfill your own needs.

You can express all of your emotions.

You can express your boundaries. 

And then it is about modelling this to your partner and children.



Your children are a mirror of you.

Therefore it is of vital importance that you model functional behaviours.

When things are going well it is easy to be there for each other – it is when things are tough that we need to think about:-

How do you repair after  BIG emotion? 

How do you and your partner support each other through these emotional  times? 

How do you communicate with each other?




How do you mentor your child after their BIG emotions?

How do you mentor them that they matter? 

 Teach children that they are not a mistake rather they made a mistake that they can repair. 

When you …. your sister/ brother/mum/dad  felt… what can you do to help her/him  feel better? 




WHOLEHEARTED FAMILY - Valued at $16,097 yours for $5997

Learn about yourself and undo the  limiting beliefs of the past. Work through the 3Ms starting with yourself. 

Learn how to connect with each other and the children.

To experience the truest version of you and start the road to the emotionally Intimate relationship of your dreams and have happy connected children.

Six individual sessions for each parent and a combination of couple’s coaching and family coaching  every month. 

And Meta Profile Thinking Tool and a family values elicitation as added bonuses. Plus because you are taking action I will gift you the Lonely to Belonging  Online Program absolutely free. 

Meta Profile Thinking Tool

Values Elicitation

Meta Dynamics Profiling Tool and unpack The Meta Dynamics TM Profiling Tool is a 16-dimension questionnaire that assesses an individual’s preferences particularly in the everyday context. Each dimension refers to a specific part of thinking styles such as influencing, resiliency, outcome focused, connection and  goal setting.

We unpack the profiles together and discover why there are times of conflict and harmony. 

We create a plan going forward.

To live the life we truly want it is essential that we live by our values.

We were given our values between 0-7 and many of us are still trying desperately to cling to dysfunctional values that are holding us back. 

The first step is to become aware of the values that you each live by. Articulate what you both want for your family and create  joint goals, mission and vision for your life . 

It is encouraged that the children have their say in this process so they have ownership and an understanding of rules and boundaries. 

The clarity that all this will give  your parenting and the culture of your family is invaluable.

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