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All coaching is researched based and calls  on theoretical and empirical evidence  informed by surveys and  studies.

"Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?"

It is a well-documented fact /theory that anger is one of the steps of healing from trauma and loss.

It is part of the grief Process.

Grief after the death of a loved one.

Grief for the demise of your marriage.

Grief for the loss of the job or career,

Grief for the breaking of trust.


More than 6 years ago I was angry and grieving because after 30 years of marriage, I was alone. I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.  

I wanted to be FULLY FUNCTIONAL and I wanted my family to be a FUNCTIONAL FAMILY

I tried, many years, for deep connection and trust. 

And eventually, I realized that I was never going to be understood and loved the way I needed to be .  So, I gave up. I distanced myself.

And after a while, I came to a point where the holidays to exotic places, the promises of cars and the beautiful home in which we lived, were not enough to fill the void in my heart.

I had to start again.

Over the previous 30 years, I engaged people in my drama. I’d complain about how things were and I’d never do anything about the situation. I thought I had no power.

And once I left. I continued to engage others in my drama. I didn’t move on. I didn’t become functional, I didn’t take responsibility I continued to blame others. I continued to talk to well-meaning friends and loved ones and counselors. I wasn’t getting anywhere. I was angry at the circumstance. I was angry at my ex. I was angry at life. And I was getting myself into a cycle of not doing anything about it. Wanting to justify my position.

Then I discovered coaching. I discovered that  in order to become truly happy I needed to become FULLY FUNCTIONAL which meant I needed to  take full responsibility for every decision I had made in my adult life.

 I then became terrified that everything that had happened was my fault. No! I was reassured. “Taking responsibility is not about Fault. It is about being an adult and making changes.” After a while, I realized that if I didn’t start driving my own bus, I was going to end up, repeating the past.

I became focused on  working on the conditioning of the past and the way I looked at my world. I changed the way I thought about myself. I realized that I am WORTHY, LOVEABLE, and ENOUGH just the way I am.

I learned that I can only love others as much as I love myself.

Now I love myself. And I am loved. I’m empowered to make my own decisions. I’m empowered to make my own mistakes and grow just a little bit every day.


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Complete Validation

No matter what your challenges you will feel completely acknowledged and validated. You will develop a deep knowing that you matter. 

The solution is within you . 

 Uncover  your strengths  in order that you live the empowered life you want. 

In a completely confidential and judgement free space you will be able to fully feel and communicate again. 

You   will build relationships where you all feel completely connected :- Connected to yourself and  connected with each other! 


Zoom is my preferred way of connecting. Individual sessions and group coaching are done on zoom links .

My clients have enjoyed transformational moments while working on Zoom . 

A TRIGGER inside us means that a Childhood Need is Not yet Met.




When I was married  I was completely in blame and it took coaching to transform my life and attitude. 

I blamed him for my unhappiness. I kept the peace at the expense of my mattering. I didn’t believe I mattered. I have since learnt that it was, and had always been, up to me  to take complete responsibility for the choices I make. It came as a shock.

I learnt that I had to build trust with myself before I could build trust with others. 

Our happiness levels are  shaped by our choices  and  our behaviours.

Time to take responsibility.   I changed my behaviours and now I belong with myself so I can belong with others.  And you can be too.



Become the person you want to attract into your life!

Now it is time to understand defining moments and the limiting beliefs that have led you to this point in your life.

Then you will learn how to communicate your inner truth to others!

Much of  what triggers us is unmet needs from our childhood and not who we really truly are. It is a way of being that made sense when we were young.

Learn who you truly are and begin to imperfectly implement  new strategies which will create a life of joy and  daily celebration.

We are shaped by our conditioning which is different for each of us- even if we are in the same family. 

By changing our thinking and behaviour we can heal and change so much of what is causing us stress and grief. 

Become really clear on the long term vision and mission for your life  and develop the structures and strategies that will achieve these results, for you and your family and friends.


Delve Behind Your Anger
Dissect Dysfunctional Behaviours
Undo Past Conditioning
Understand Attachment Styles
Create An Empowered Future

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