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Child Wellbeing

We struggle to Learn while in Trauma.

If you’re struggling with your children’s behavior then the chances are that your Family is not as FUNCTIONAL  as you would like.

Children need their needs to be met and will act out in order to fulfill their needs. 

If you and your partner are reacting to, dealing with, or ignoring your issues and  filling your lives with busyness, then children will be affected.  They don’t deserve to be caught up in your angst. They need to know the difficulties are not their fault. Reassure them. Love them. Be warm and calm. 

If you struggle to be calm then they will believe that there is something wrong with them. 

Work on being the leader of your  FUNCTIONAL FAMILY and once things have settled down they might need some support to get back into their learning routine. 

This is where I can help.
I can help your children develop a love for learning and reading, in particular.

In  one to one lessons they will be given immediate feed back which is essential for true learning, especially if they are a little stressed. There is the added bonus that your children will have extra certainty in this time of uncertainty. 


How it works

"I have helped many children unlock the keys to literacy."

Testimonial by Debby:

When Aliza was learning to read in Prep, I quickly started to feel that something wasn’t right. By the end of the prep year Aliza had started calling herself dumb and stupid. At the start of Grade 1, Jan began working with Aliza and within weeks, Aliza was improving remarkably. Her whole outlook about reading changed. Within months, Aliza had become positive towards reading and her confidence was back. Now midway through Grade 2, Aliza reads for pleasure and that is just the most heart-warming thing to see.

- Debby Kloot


I sit down with your child, in your home, and assess him/her to ascertain the current skill level. I write a comprehensive report on the strengths and challenges of your child’s literacy development. You then decide if you want to commit to the process. 


Develop Literacy Skills

Usually, the speed of your child’s acceleration towards literacy is proportional to the number of committed sessions per week, as well as how many practise sessions are completed. 


I prefer to work with children in my office, yet we can negotiate if you want to  use a space within your home.

Prices are charged accordingly. 

Get in touch

Let’s talk about how we can work together to help your child excel in literacy.